The Producers Cooperative AgroFair is known by its initials as CPAF Its foundation was on 15 June 1999 in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The CPAF responds to the need to incorporate and organize the participation of producers within AgroFair structure, to enforce the rights of “fair say, fair share and fair price” that govern this organization. The highest authority of the CPAF is the General Assembly which represents all the organizations that make up the cooperative. It meets once a year and his responsibilities include the approval of annual plans submitted by the Board, approval of the strategic lines, defining budgets and choice dela Board composed of three members who hold office for a period of three years. The Board of Directors appoints a coordinator CPAF executive who is responsible for implementing policy decisions. His appointment is for an indefinite period.

To be an organization of producers of Fair Trade that facilitates to its associates the capacity to offer to the market a competitive, social, environmental and economically sustainable product through AgroFair Europe, with the ability to participate in the commercial management of the company.
To be an organization that builds a new productive economy based on the active and democratic integration with the market.

Commercial Participate  actively in the creation of policies and to participate in the profits of Agro Fair.

Production Promote within the associates the fulfillment of requirements according to international standards in the matter of quality, security, environment and social conditions.

Corporative • Achieve that their associates conduct themselves according to principies of transparency and loyalty. • Establish and elaborate mechanisms of communication and divuigation within the affihiates. • Participate actively in the defense of the interests of its members in the collateral organizations of the Cooperatives interest.

The main strength of the Cooperative of Producers of Agro Fair is its philosophy based in the FairTrade. The Fair Trade is an ideology that was born in Europe 40 years ago. With it, it’s guaranteed a direct commercialization between producer and consumer, it avoids the exploitation of the agriculturists by giving their effort a price that can cover not only the production expenses but also helps them with their social development. Thanks tothe benefits produced by FairTrade, the CPAF has been able to improvethe life conditions of their members and the Latin American and African communities where the 12 organizations that composethe cooperative are located. The construction of health centers, aqueducts, day-care centers, schools, dining halis, supply centers, development of health and AIDS prevention campaigns, are part of the projects that would not be a reality if the CPAF did not think about commercializing their effort in a fair way.

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