The CPAF responds to the need to incorporate and organize the participation of producers in AgroFair structure; to enforce the rights of “fair say, fair share and fair Price” that govern this organization.

Thanks to the benefits produced by Fair Trade, the CPAF has been able to improve the living conditions of its members as well as Latin American and African communities where the 12 organizations that make up the cooperative is located.


The Association of Mango Producers of the Valley of Alto Piura, APROMALPI was born on October 1 Oth of 1996 when a group of small producers organized itself to gathertogether and sell mangos.

With the aid of known organizations Iike Agronomists and Veterinarians without Borders, PIDECAFE, CEPICAFE and sorne public organisms of the north of Peru; APROMALPI exports mangos of the Kent variety to Europe under the alternative of Fair Trade.

The organization is located in the City of Chulucanas, Province of Morropón, region of the Piura at the north side of Peru. A plant of 2.6 hectares is located there and it’s n plain process of extension to increase its refrigeration capacity from 40 to 60 tons of product.

In APROMALPI the producers are dedicated to the plantation of their lands and women participate actively in the productive process with a job in the storing center specifically in the area of selection, packing and quality control. Each member of the families participates in the process from the harvestto the filling of the container.

In 2003 initiates the ¡ink of this organization with AgroFair. In that year the organization placed 6 Containers of fruit in the European market and increased its exportations until reaching the 23 containers of mango in 2005.

At the moment, APROMALPI manages certifications FLO; granted by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization of Germany for Fair Trade, social and environmental responsibility; EUREPGAP assigned by European supermarketsforgood agricultural practices, responsible handling of the product and staff protection; as well as ORGANICA.


APROMALPI is conformed by 142 families of small producers, whose main income source is the production and sale offresh fruit. During the period of harvesting the organization employs temporarily more than 200 people.

With the resources of Fair Trade the organization implemented a fund for social development with money to finance a rotating fund that facilitates the attention of the production and a mortuary fund for the business partners. In addition the organization invests in its processing plant.

The producers of the Valley of Alto Piura have the same social and economic origin; they are ah mestizos with peasant origins, owners of lands of between 2 to 5 hectares. The producers obtained their lands by means of cooperatives, inheritance or an agrarian reformthattookplace in Peru.


In 1998 the Embassy of Holland in Costa Rica impeis the creation of the Program of Agro-Industrial Development of the North Zone, PROAGROIN, with the objective of helping small and medium artisan producers to become industrialists; offering them credit, technical attendance and training.

With the idea of actively involve the producer in the commercialization and research of new markets, the Association of userproducers of the Program of Agro-industrial Development of the North Zone, AGRONORTE, was founded in 2001.

The association is located in the North region of Costa Rica, their offices are in the community of San Rafael, comer of Guatuso, province of Alajuela. Within its areas of influence are the locality of Los Chiles, San Carlos and Guatuso in the province of Alajuela; Upala, La Cruz, Liberia, Bagaces, Cañas and Tilarán in the province of Guanacaste.

Thanks to AgroFair since the year 2002 AGRONORTE distributes its products through the means of Fair Trade and takes part of the Cooperativa of Producers ofAgroFair, CPAF.

The main productive activities of AGRONORTE are the production of orange and pineapple; this last one is distributed under the modality of Fair Trade. In 2005 the association exported 511 containers of that fruit and in the 2006 until the month of October, 881 containers.

The cooperative has the FLO certifications granted by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization of Germany for Fair Trade, social and environmental responsibility; EUREPGAP assigned by European supermarkets for good agricultural practices, responsible handling of the product, as weII as the certifications ORGANICA CEE and NOP USDA.


The association aims to promote the social, economic and cultural development of its associates through the execution of activities in the fields of production, processing and commercialization of agricultural products.

AGRONORTE has 268 associates, 140 are pineapple producers and direct beneficiaries of Fair Trade and 82 employees of the association and the program of agro-industrial development.

Thanks to Fair Trade, ASOPROAGROIN trains their associates, gives scholarships to students, and collaborates with furniture and computers forthe schools of the communities where it has presence, aids to improve rural aqueducts, communication roads, donates fertilizers to producers, collaborates in communal works and aids a home for the elderly with medical equipment.


The Cooperative of Banana Workers of the South, Coopetrabasur, was founded on February 1 7th of 1980.

When the Chiquita transnational company left the south zone of Costa Rica, the government trained 79 banana ex workers in cooperativism. After the foundation of the cooperative, the government facilitated the sale of the lands that today are property of Coopetrabasur. This organization is linked to AgroFair since 1996.

The cooperative is located in Laurel of Corredores, province of Puntarenas in the border between Costa Rica and Panama. Coopetrabasur counts with 500 hectares of land divided in the property Caucho, Caimito and Tamarindo. 223 hectares are dedicated to the production of banana tree and 289 to the oil palm.

Coopetrabasur counts with two packing plants, its main economic activity is the crop, harvest and commercialization of banana, which it exports almost 600 thousand of boxes every yearthat produce an income of 3 million dollars.

The cooperative has FLO certifications granted by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization of Germany for Fair Trade, social and environmental responsibility; EUREPGAP assigned by European supermarkets for good agricultural practices, responsible handling of the product and staff protection; it also has the certification ISO 9000 and isa member of the International Federation of Alternative Trade, IFAT.


The income outcomes byfairtrade are invested to improve the heath conditions with programs to fight the dengue and the malaria diseases, medical attention, support to the rural aqueduct.

At the moment the cooperative is constituted by 71 associates and in total it counts with 200 collaborators distributed between the properties and the 2 packing plants of the cooperative.

Coopetrabasur is the economic support of 160 families of the community of Laurel of Corredores. This area has 8,400 inhabitants and an unemployment rate of 5.8 %, where 4 of each 10 homes are poor and the schooling level is of six years according to the Institute of Statistic and Census, INEC of Costa Rica.


The Association of SmaII Banana Producers the Guabo produces conventional and organic banana. This organization started its activities with a group of 14 producers of the comer of the Guabo in the province of El Oro in Ecuador.

Donacion de Computadoras-Sitio Chimborazo603014_406257029425154_186413194_n

For the year 2004 the organization grew until reaching the amount of 351 producers, not only in the province of El Oro but also in the communities of Guayas and Azuay. Among the 351 producers that conform the Guabo, 210 produce conventional banana, 123 organic bananas and 18 produce a small banana called Baby Banana which is also organic.

The Guabo is related to Fair Trade since 1997; nowadays this organization commercializes its products in markets like Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Finland, England, France and the United States.

The association exports underthe certifications FLO (FairTrade Labelling Organization) that allow acceding to the marketoffair trade; besides, it has the organic certifications, EUREGAP and FDA.


Escuela de Niños Especiales-Sn Antonio Padua

The Guabo is synonym of support for nearly 1500 people who live in the zones where are located the organizations of producers who conform the association.

Thanks to Fair Trade, the Guabo can promote projects to support the workers like the delivery of baskets of goods, school bonds for the children of the workers, medical insurance forthe producers and health programs.

The association also worries about the organizational qualification of its members, implements environmental programs related to the certifications that it has and it collaborates with food programs for students of the educative centers that belong to the communities where the organization has presence.

Finally, the social projection of the Guabo also benefits nursery centers and schools that receive resources to improve their infrastructures.


The Association of Producers of Organic Banana Valley of the Chira was founded on September 1 3th of 2001, a year after the exports of organic banana in the region of the Piura began. The organization is located in the district of Querecotillo, province of

Sullana in the department of the Piura atthe north side of Peru.

The Association started with 96 partners but nowadays it reaches 200 partners, who own 180 hectares of Iand certified by the Germanfirm BCS OKO GARANTIE.

As its name says, the main economic activity of the association is the production and commercialization of organic banana fruit underthe modality of Fair Trade.

Thanks to the existing relationship between the Association of Producers anci AgroFair; in the year 2005 they exported more than 219 thousand boxes of banana fruit and forthe last trimester of 2006 it already reports more than 151 thousand exported boxes.


The Association of Producers benefits directly more than 1000 people, which means 200 families approximately.

With resources product of Fair Trade the association finances investments in two fields: the organizational fortification and the institutional development, in search of the empowerment of the producer in the association.

The Association of Producers of Organic Banana Valley of the Chira has also puta lot of emphasis in the social development that involves an economic development andan environmental development.

The resources as result of Fair Trade are used in trainings on Fair Trade, organic production, leadership and planning. The administration receive training in management; it is financed an internal control system to conserve the certification of Fair Trade, the improvement in the productive infrastructures in health, education and the roads to access the zone where the association is located are done too.

The producers of the Association Valley of the Chira have achieved to outstand in an environment full of commercial injustices where the monopoly exerted by a group of retailers affects the small producer, who receives in average $1.35 USD for a box of 18.14 kilograms of banana fruit, while with Fair Trade he or she obtains $3.11 USD per box; what generates more favorable life conditions forthe partners and their families, having the possibility of ¡mproving theirfeeding, health and education.

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APPBOSA, Association of Small Producers of Organic Banana Saman and Schedules., Born in February 2003 after the union of small farmers from the village center Saman (Piura). In this same year and Certifica Faitrade After 3 years of continuous development, in 2006 became the first Peruvian association in obtaining organic certification. Achieved directly export their fruit in September 2008.

Currently has an average area of ​​480 317 hectares producing partners, producing an average of 15 containers export certified organic bananas and fair trade Globalgap. The success of the partnership is based on an efficient administration and recognition of companies that bananas Saman is excellent in ripening and flavor thanks to the site conditions and the efforts of our partners.

Thanks to the Fairtrade Certification The award comes using to deliver Christmas baskets and useful school partners and employees to fund 50% of health insurance agricultural producers (workers already have), supports the association of workers Christmas and the celebration of Labor Day, training for producers and union leaders support to sports, dance groups, mortuary fund partners, irrigation infrastructure under roads, community outreach. In recent years, it has opted for diversification APPBOSA making your own compost, selling discarding the Peruvian export market, creating a micro-seamstresses who manufacture equipment of the workers.


In APPBOSA prioritizes quality from good agricultural practices to harvesting and packing process. To continue this line, in the April Pte via cable transport system of clusters that minimizes shock on banana and thus reduces the number of spots was inaugurated. Despite this being a consolidated Sites technology, no company in El Peru has installed what APPBOSA is guaranteed to remain the leader in quality company.

Our commitment to customers and quality has helped us to obtain GLOBALGAP certification. The vision is to have a brand with international recognition and prestige that allows us to export without brokerage firms, achieving greater incentives for farmers to continue prioritizing quality.


The Atlantic Banana Cooperative RL, known as Coobana, has about 500 workers, 220 of whom are members of the cooperative. All are members of SITRAPBI, the union of freelancers banana producers, representing all non Chiquita plantation workers in the area.

Among them, the three Coobana plantations cover about 550 hectares and exported to Europe between 15 and 20 containers a week. Is currently negotiating a collective agreement between the union and the cooperative.


The second vital connection of Coobana was the Dutch Agrofair, company Fairtrade fruit exclusively created in the run up to the world premiere of certified Fair Trade bananas in the Netherlands in 1996 period. Agrofair The association with not only guarantees that most fruit Coobana is labeled Fair Trade (70% of the fruit is sold through Agrofair the continental European market), but Coobana is co-owner of Agrofair, through CPAF, the producer cooperative of Agrofair. Along with other associations of tropical fruits and cooperatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, is a shareholder Coobana his own marketing company.



Agrofair, with a regional office located in Panama, supports four areas of interest to the cooperative:

1. Quality, traceability and certification Two. Productivity, profitability, cost control Three. Organization and management April. Sustainability (environmental and social impact)

Although you can not underestimate the challenge of management of a complex structure of unionized workers and cooperatives Coobana has not only survived until 2013, but benefits from Fairtrade prices in almost all its exports.

If it succeeds in sharing benefits equitably with all these forces work through the collective agreement Coobana actually will become a model for the entire industry.

If the experiment is successful, it will also become clear that the support of all actors in the chain, from workers to consumers, it may indeed be high-cost producer relative and providing decent work, promote social development and survival in the fierce competitive market banana.


Cenbanor 12 Cenbanor 11

CENBANOR is shaped portions 448 Partners, Family Members Among Men and Women Different settled in neighboring sectors. Manages 531.07 hectares. Production of Organic Banana, This Growing director BEING They handle cases Associates, UN annual volume of export scam:

Flo 152 813 18.14 kg boxes

Flo 128 050 13.00 kg boxes

Ctm 36,557 boxes of 18.14 kg


  • CENBANOR Administration (10% of total premium)
  • Fondo fertilización en fincas de los asociados (30% total de la prima)
  • Fund fertilization on farms of partners (30% total bonus)
  • Supports with school kits to children of members. (An amount allocated for each base)
  • Christmas baskets and chocolatadas children at Christmas. (Amount allocated per base)
  • Campañas de recojo de residuos inorgánicos.(un monto asignado por cada base)
  • Support to improve productivity on farms associated with the delivery of organic fertilizers and composting for soil improvement.
  • Training partners and workers in management, IPM and environmental care.
  • Delivery of school kits, and support for schools.
  • Support health posts and supports to families members and partners.
  • Support for death is partner or family member.
  • Campaigns pick inorganic waste on farms and access roads.

– Construction Package Center, with money from the premium.

– Delivery of Fertilizers, partner.

cenbanor 2.png cenbanor 1


ACPROBOQUEA is a communal organization of farmers, with legal personality, founded 113, May 2005, and recorded in the public records, RUC 20525247091. It is composed of 219 members, family members of men and women seated in different sectors surroundings. Handle 170 has. production of organic bananas, this being the main crop handling partners, with annual export volume of 145 containers (2,900 MT), of which 80% are sold under the label of FLO (Fair Trade).


For the organization Fair Trade means equal opportunity for all its members both producers and workers, to improve our living conditions with a commitment to protect our planet, our home. Thanks to Fair Trade has developed infrastructure such as packing, building 01 in the distribution center that includes own administrative offices, which are in progress and motivates proceed. Also the price of the fruit has increased what is impacting families to have access to a higher level of education, the children of the members are motivated to pursue higher education and are hoping soon to be good professionals.

Projects made ​​with fair trade premium:

Aprobroquea 4

– Buy from truck to transport boxes, with Fairtrade premium

– Construction Materials Warehouse

Aprobroquea 1 Aprobroquea 3Aprobroquea 2

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